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Here’s what you’ve got to do today.  Rank them in importance from 1-5 where 1 is most important and 5 is least important.

  1. Run the kids to Auskick
  2. Get dinner ready
  3. Watch The Bachelor
  4. Do the shopping
  5. Make a plan so you don’t run out of money in retirement

Look it’s just a guess, but I reckon you’ve put ‘making a plan so you don’t run out of money’ as the most important task.  If you put ‘watching The Bachelor’ or your kids sport before your future livelihood, then definitely keep reading.

I know it’s a bit cute to railroad you into the answer, but when you break life down into items that take up your time from day to day and week to week, it really is that simple.  We like to take the path of least resistance and do the things where we get an instant reward.  Life keeps us busy doing the things that we see as ‘urgent’ at that point in time.

Just think about your life outside of whatever work you do, and what you prioritise over planning your future.  You do the quick and easy stuff, right?

It’s not like you wake up and say STOP, ‘I’m going to make a retirement plan today!’

When it comes to building financial security to support us when the income tap is turned off, not many of us really know what we’re doing.  This means that we end up doing nothing.

Surely if we stay busy chipping away, working hard, doing the right thing, then our financial woes will somehow fix themselves, right?  Wrong.

You need a friend, a mentor, a coach.  Someone to help you make it happen.

But before that, you need a Reality Check.

Show me anyone who is succeeding in any field – sports to science, hockey to horticulture.  They all have someone who is teaching them how to do a better job.

Why are we so reluctant to ask for help when it comes to our finances?

At Clover Partners, we help our clients ‘get real’ with a 45-minute Reality Check.  That’s about the time it takes to watch a few wannabe chefs puff a pavlova on My Kitchen Rules.  That’s less time than your son’s game of b-ball.  And yet it might well make the difference between you quite literally running out of money in retirement or being free to pick up and caravan around the country carefree.

This isn’t the Spanish Inquisition (no one ever expects the Spanish Inquisition!), this is a laid back, empathetic look at where you are now, where you’d like to be and where you want to get to.  No one has their house in order completely, even the most organised and disciplined have financial skeletons in the closet.

And it’s only when you begin to talk about what’s going on in your financial life that good things begin to happen!

What we do isn’t for everybody, but it will certainly work very well for most and better yet, 45 minutes is all it takes to learn about an easy to understand strategy that might see you own your home outright, twice as fast, and own an investment property that will bring your dreams within reach.

Nothing offers a sense of relief like taking action, even baby steps.

Put the kids on pause, turn the TV off, order take away and let the laundry pile up.  Everything will be okay if you leave it alone for one night.  Invest some time in planning for a comfortable retirement or at least getting some facts on how you can get there sooner.

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