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Reality Check It all starts here

Let’s get real. Stay on your current track and you’ll end up nowhere fast. It’s time to change lanes. Our partnership begins with the Clover Partners Reality Check, a straight-up honest review of your current financial position. From there, we work alongside you like a ‘money coach’ to devise strategies and take actions to get that mortgage sorted and get you on the road to property investment.

45 minutes is all it takes

Every Reality Check is tailored to each customer’s individual reality. Are you prepared to invest a measly 45 minutes in what could be a life-changing assessment?

On the right track for life

Over many years, we’ve sat down with hundreds of Australians to assess their financial position and seen it all. It doesn’t matter if you’re reasonably well organised or in dire need of a total financial overhaul—what matters is that we help get you on track to crush that mortgage and build a better life.

No cost to you

Our Reality Check is totally free and no-obligation. Better than that, it’s honest. We won’t lead you down the garden path to products and services you don’t need and can’t afford.

Get real! Call us to book your free Reality Check: 1300 823 995

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