Andrew and Sarah

The Situation

Andrew (45) and Sarah (42)

Married, 2 teenage kids

Andrew as a refrigeration mechanic earns $120,000 pa

Sarah works as a nurse part-time earning $40,000 pa

They purchased their house 15 years ago for $400,000, and it is now worth $1m.

They have refinanced twice, once to consolidate a car loan and credit cards, the second to renovate the kitchen and patio. After 15 years of paying the mortgage they still owe $350,000.


The Verdict

Andrew and Sarah are spinning their wheels and not getting ahead. Nobody has shown them how to improve their situation. With time running out until they retire, they’ve realised their super is not going to be enough for them and it’s looking unlikely they’ll achieve their dream of actually owning their home.

They are the poor middle class.  They’ll have earnt too much money to receive a worthwhile pension and will retire without enough super or savings to live a comfortable, enjoyable retirement.

The advice they’ve received to date has set them back. They haven’t put a strategy in place to receive any major tax benefits. And unless they change what they’re doing and invest, their situation will never improve.


The Goal

To pay off their home within 12 years and purchase an investment property or two, to create a nest egg for retirement.


The Solution – Clover Partners Strategy

They met with one of our team for a Reality Check where we took time to understand their situation and showed them why they haven’t been making the progress they wanted and why their existing arrangements work for the bank, not them.  We showed them two different futures; one if they took action, one if they didn’t.


We assisted them in three ways:

Changed the way they think about their money, and agreed on a plan to change the flow of their money to work for them, not the bank.

We restructured their finances getting them on the lowest mortgage rate available, in the process saving them thousands in interest.

Without using any cash or affecting the way they live, we enabled them to invest in a quality property here in Melbourne.

The investment property became a fundamental part of their goal to pay off their home using the additional cash flow and tax benefits.

Clover Partners did everything for them.  We coached, assisted, guided and made each step happen., and reduced any risks along the way.


The Outcome – three years later

They have a mortgage rate which is the lowest available, minimising interest every single day.

Already Andrew and Sarah have got their mortgage down to $270,000 and can see it paid off completely in another 8 or 9 years.

They own an investment property which ‘runs itself’ and has increased in value by around 15%.

They are still working just as hard and looking forward to a retirement one day. But now, because they took stock of their situation and adopted the Clover Partners’ strategy they’re much better off.

They feel empowered, in control and stress free.

Every step of the process was easier than they imagined and their only regret is not having taken action sooner!




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