Mortgage Reduction Setting you up to succeed

We can show you how to crush your mortgage and get debt free. We have a range of strategies to help you make more progress on your home loan and can tailor an approach based upon your financial situation. Clover Partners Mortgage Reduction strategies are a breath of fresh air.

Crush your mortgage

Mortgage literally means dead pledge. If the banks had their way, you’d still be paying them interest until the very end—they and the mortgage brokers want to keep you in debt. But we want you free of debt. With our help, you can expect to pay off your mortgage in a fraction of your loan period. The only thing dying will be your debt.

No secrets

Our service is totally transparent. You’ll always know exactly which products we’re suggesting and why. Better yet, we can offer products that the big institutions don’t want Australian mums and dads to know about—products to reduce your interest rate to as low as 2%.

Get educated

Did you know the first 15 years of a typical 30 – year mortgage is mostly repaying interest, not principal? And refinancing simply resets and prolongs the cycle. You’ll never get ahead! Let us provide the advice, knowledge and products to break the cycle and tip the mortgage balance in your favour.

For mortgages that make financial sense, call us on 1300 823 995

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