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Am I eligible for a 2% home loan?

Not everyone qualifies for this so let’s find out if you are eligible now. Get in touch by completing this form and based on the information provided we will confirm your eligibility within 48 hours!

Who owns Clover Partners?

Clover Partners is a privately-owned Australian company that helps people manage their money and pay off their home sooner. We’re not owned by a bank or aligned to selling any one bank product or service.

How does Clover Partners make money?

We don’t charge you for our advice, strategy and program. If you were to proceed with us and we secure a loan for you, we make a commission on the loan like any other mortgage broker. And with property investment we make a real estate commission paid by the vendor just like any other property transaction.

Does Clover Partners offer me financial advice?

No. We are not financial advisers. We will never offer or sell you financial product advice.

Do I need to own my own home?

Yes. Our focus is on working with clients to reduce their home loan debt as quickly as possible. You can’t retire with a mortgage, and reducing your mortgage sooner creates opportunity to invest.

Does paying off my home faster restrict my lifestyle?

No, not really. We help clients restructure their finances so their money is working smarter, reducing bad debt sooner.

Do I have to come to your office?

No. We understand that time is scarce and how sensitive it can be discussing your finances. We’re happy to visit you at home after work hours.


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